Thursday, August 7, 2014

Wonderware software enabled Eskom to improve the overall performance of all its plants

In 2008, Eskom developed the Plant Data System (PDS) initiative to centralize all plant management activities via a standardized software solution from Wonderware. With this, Eskom management, plant technicians and administrators now have access to real-time information to more effectively make operation and business decisions that directly affect service to its customers, as well as the company’s bottom line.

Eskom implemented a number of Wonderware based applications that enables its staff to use plant data and overall information more effectively

Standardizing on an information technology systems using a single, integrated software platform was the most important requirement to effectively accessing and evaluating plant data and operations information. Using Wonderware software, Eskom is able to comply with ISA-95 standards as well as conform to its Generic Plant Breakdown Guide.

“Each power station is unique and in the past, each ran its own operations and monitoring software programs -- no attempt was ever made to standardize all of our facilities on one single, integrated software system. Our highest priority in implementing the Wondderware solution was to eliminate duplicate engineering efforts by centralizing data and operations on a single platform that could be accessed by authorized managers and operators at any time.  Wonderware software enabled Eskom to improve the overall performance of all of our plants.”

John Viljoen, corporate consultant for Generation Business Engineering at Eskom

More information

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