Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Linking IT with Plant Processes Improves Both Business and Operations Performance at Eskom

“As far as IT was concerned, plant control systems were just black boxes which we just didn’t understand. Our IT department’s focus was on integration and storage methods for transactional systems which operated on a fragmented outsourced IT infrastructure. It just wasn’t suitable for processing or managing real-time plant data.

With the implementation of Wonderware System Platform and its various applications, we’ve been able to bridge the divide between IT and the plant floor enabling each department to effectively collect and assess data for making critical business decisions.”

Vicki Naudé
Senior Advisor for Generation Information Management

More information

For more information about the products used here, please visit the following links:
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  2. Wonderware InTouch
  3. Wonderware System Platform
  4. Wonderware Historian
  5. Wonderware Historian Client

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