Friday, August 8, 2014

A Comprehensive, Standardized Software Platform at Eskom

Adopting the Plant Data System (PDS) strategy using Wonderware software makes plant data openly accessible and in a standard format enabling workers in every area of the business to access and use the real-time data collected from each of Eskom’s plant. 

“The Invensys solution featured capabilities that meet the needs of collecting and providing real-time information to our staff to support both operational and business decisions, while also addressing the issue of standardization. It also provided the company with a cost-effective solution by enabling us to purchase a half million tags to be used wherever needed throughout Eskom, instead of having to purchase individual sets of tags for each power station."

John Viljoen, corporate consultant for Generation Business Engineering at Eskom

Comprehensive, Standardized Software Platform Easily Links All Plants

Wonderware System Platform was implemented to provide a comprehensive, standardized software platform that would link all Eskom facilities.  Wonderware System Platform offers common services such as visualization, configuration, deployment, communication, security, data connectivity, data storage and management and people collaboration.

These services allowed Eskom to build a single, unified “Plant Model” that logically represents its processes, physical equipment and industrial systems, even legacy systems, making the design and maintenance of these systems more efficient, more flexible and with less risk. The Plant Model also gives essential context to power plant data, greatly assisting with diagnostics and troubleshooting, as well as providing valuable system documentation throughout the system lifecycle.

More information

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