Monday, August 11, 2014

Eskom responds to incidents quicker with Wonderware Historian

Eskom structured the new plant management system by employing a single Wonderware Historian at each power station to collect data. This data is replicated at the corporate office in a centralized Historian application for assessment of overall plant operations and reporting.

“Because our plants are spread over several miles, Wonderware Historian was the ideal choice for data historization. The software is able to maintain data integrity while handling intermittent, late or bursts of data. The software also is able to generate actionable information for faster, more accurate decision-making,”

Vicki Naudé
Senior Advisor for Generation Information Management

The capabilities of Wonderware Historian now provide Eskom with a high-performance real-time database that offers unparalleled scalability offering up to 500,000 tags with greater retrieval throughput than ever before. With Eskom power plants located throughout South Africa, Historian provides aggregated data that enables operators to compare the performance of multiple facilities, and make informed decisions on plant improvements and quicker incident responses.

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