Wednesday, August 6, 2014

45% of the electricity used in the African continent is generated by Eskom

On a continent spanning more than 11.7 million square miles and home to millions of people in 54 countries, the demand for reliable electricity is great, and essential to the everyday lives of residents as well as businesses. As in most countries around the world, keeping up with society’s insatiable appetite for electricity grows every day. No company is more familiar with this than Eskom Holdings Ltd.

Eskom is responsible for generating and distributing approximately 95 percent of the electricity used in South Africa alone, and about 45 percent of all the electricity used throughout Africa

The electricity produced by Eskom is used not only by residents, but also powers a variety of industrial applications such as mining, commercial businesses and agricultural.

More information

Through the next series of posts, I will discuss the Wonderware solution implemented at Eskom. For more information about the products used here, please visit the following links:

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  3. Wonderware System Platform
  4. Wonderware Historian
  5. Wonderware Historian Client

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