Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Right Solution for the Right Application at Eskom

Eskom bears the enormous responsibility of providing electricity to the African sub-continent. From homes, to businesses, to industry, Eskom’s network of power plants required an integrated, reliable software solution to ensure its facilities are operating at peak performance and that it enables access to critical plant data to anyone, anywhere at any time.


With the implementation of the Wonderware solution, Eskom now has the tools to understand and control its vast and complex network of power generation facilities -- improving the quality of life of the millions of people who rely on the power the company provides each day.

“The drive for increased reliability and efficiency of operations requires having better plant information accessible in real time. Wonderware software provides our engineering and management teams with access to useable data that before was not readily available. We can now make decisions in real-time on our electricity generation capabilities, enabling Eskom to continue to improve the quality of life of more than 50 million people.”

John Viljoen, Corporate Consultant for Generation Business Eskom Holdings Ltd.

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