Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New Belgium Brewing, sustainability while producing high quality beer

The solution that helps New Belgium Brewing achieve its sustainability goals while producing high quality beer is a result of thoughtful engineering and meticulous planning, with a little help from Wonderware.

"Our automation system extends from process control to utilities control, building automation, automation of our energy consumption, and energy production, we are doing automatic packaging and automatic material handling. It's an extensive and very integrated automation system."

Igor Valuyev Chief Electrical and Automation Engineer New Belgium Brewing

New Belgium Brewing uses a variety of different hardware and software products to run the various parts of the brewery

Igor adds, "We have thousands of I/O points from Opto 22, Rockwell, Siemens and some GE. It's a little bit of everything."

The solution that helps New Belgium Brewing integrate all these hardware together is based on Wonderware software 

"The Wonderware system is what our operators use pretty much. That’s where the data is being extracted from, so it kind of unites all of the systems together - we unite them through Wonderware."

Igor further explains: "As far as our operators are concerned, to them it is transparent, which system, which I/O system, which control system is running."

Wonderware is hardware agnostic

"The operators see one cohesive set of screens, one cohesive set of interfaces, they can interface with the hardware and software through it. We’ve been utilizing Wonderware InTouch for over ten years, for extended period of time. We’re pretty happy with this system." 


More Information

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