Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Standardization at the Barcelona-El Prat Airport


The Wonderware System Platform objects created by AENA encourage standardization

AENA adopted an engineering standard on solution implementation with the help of Wonderware System Platform. During the design stage, each new device that is added into the airport's Smart City Solution would be integrated into the Wonderware System Platform based on a set of common rules, and each supplier and system integrator who was awarded a contract would be required to conform to these rules.


Replication of objects make integration easy

A data template was created for each element to be deployed in the airport. Wonderware enabled these objects and templates to be easily replicated, and pretty soon AENA had a library that helped them to connect all field devices in a standardized manner.

No matter what PLC or any other device manufacturer was used in a particular section of the airport, it had a common interface to the Smart City solution. Since each vendor followed AENA's contract specifications, the various components integrated successfully.

Twenty or so System Integrators work in harmony 

Based on the feedback of the twenty or so System Integrators that regularly do work for AENA, the project marks a change in how control systems are developed in Spain’s airport sector. The new way of implementing large scale airports in Spain overcomes two key challenges:

  1. It avoids duplication of engineering work
  2. New components could be brought online faster because the objects have already been pre-validated
“This is an object-oriented environment, so when we develop an object, we can reuse it for the same facilities without having to repeat code or generate new errors.  Since it is an open-code, market solution, it also allows for several integrators to work with the system, creating a competitive environment that cuts back development costs.”

Jordi Asensi, Jefe de Departamento de Gestión de Sistemas y Bases de Datos

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