Monday, July 8, 2013

Bermuda Electric (BELCO) success story video

Watch the success story video and find out how Invensys helped Bermuda Electric provide a secure, reliable and sustainable electric power system for the people of Bermuda.

Summary of posts on Bermuda Electric

This is my last entry on BELCO and I'd like to summarize all my posts so you'll be able to read through all of them, just in case you're catching up.

  1. Invensys helps provide electricity to Bermuda - How BELCO takes advantage of the eas of use and reliability of the Wonderware software.
  2. Bermuda Electric and the importance of planning - This post is about the importance of planning and how Wonderware helps in long term decision making, modernization and legacy migration
  3. At Bermuda Electric, Connectivity is Key - This is about the importance of connectivity and how Wonderware helps BELCO communicate with the different devices that make up the old and new power plants in Bermuda.
  4. Bermuda Electric and the Power of System Platform - Post about how BELCO took advantage of the power of System Platform to integrate and unify their various operations management systems, upgrade legacy systems, achieved consistency and created a standard that enables them to easily add whole plants (or new sections of plants) as they come on-line.
  5. How BELCO achieved ISO 14001 certification - BELCO achieved the prestigious ISO 14001:2004 certification for environmental management, in part because of the data collection and reporting capabilities of the Wonderware Historian and Wonderware IntelaTrac.
  6. Bermuda Electric: Evolution and Modernization - This is about BELCO's continuous modernization that involved the use of Triconex® Tricon™ fault-tolerant controller.

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