Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Operator Preparedness at Fauji Fertilizer with SimSci OTS

Very specific goals were created by Fauji Fertilizer directed to strengthen its operator skills and enhance productivity. They are as follows:
  • To train personnel on the newly-commissioned DCS to reduce operational incidents, increase up-time and equip operators to respond to emergencies 
  • To maintain a high level of performance for experienced operators and new hires alike 
  • To quickly and effectively prepare new plant operators to work in actual control room and field environments 

Of course they did face a few challenges, such as:
  • The Fauji plant offers only infrequent opportunities for on-the-job training for critical and emergency scenarios, so engineers must be trained and tested through simulations 
  • The expected retirements and attrition of existing workers will require many new operators to be trained quickly 

As you can see, one of the main challenge of big chemical plants is the capability to maintain the skill of its workforce amidst the other major challenge of an aging workforce.
“Our preparedness level has improved by many folds. Now both newly-trained and experienced operators have gained a lot of confidence. They are well-prepared to handle the plant in normal operation, startups/shut downs and in emergency situations.”
Mubashar M. Butt, Deputy Manager Production, Fauji Fertilizer Company 
It was really time to consider using an OTS.


More information

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