Monday, November 24, 2014

9REN Group - A Smart City Success Story

Renewable energy. It's the mantra for today's society -- to identify and implement clean renewable energy sources to wean us off our dependence on fossil fuels. This is one of the fields where Spain and Italy are taking the initiative to a global level and 9REN Group is a clear example of a company leading the way.

Because of System Platform, 9REN only requires one person to control the operation of all of the 580 plants, regardless of location.

To help operate its plants, 9REN created EOSystem, a solution built on Wonderware System Platform.

9REN is one of the more dynamic companies in Europe -- their facilities, marketing strategy and personnel radiate the vitality and energy of a company that is on the move.

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Please refer to the following links for more information:

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  2. Wonderware System Platform
  3. InTouch HMI as a SCADA system
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