Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Wonderware Historian and your HMI - the perfect fit


The problem

Many industrial facilities use human machine interface (HMI) applications to display real-time process data and control modern industrial processes. Capturing and storing process data is often done on a spotty basis.

When problems come up, and they always do, a complete process history is often not available. Without a complete process history everyone is less effective and the ability to improve processes is difficult. In an ever more competitive world being slow to improve is not a good strategy.

The solution

Today, process data historians provide a proven way to capture and store data coming from HMI systems and closing gaps in the process history archive. There are many reporting and analysis tools available to access process data stored in historians. Historian data can help industrial companies:

  • Troubleshoot problems faster
  • More easily spot improvement opportunities
  • Cost effectively manage regulatory requirements

More information

Invest a few minutes, register, download and read our new “How HMI Users can Benefit from a Process Historian” whitepaper. It will help you understand how the Wonderware Historian helps complete the puzzle.

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