Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The University of Strasbourg centralizes its facility management processes with Wonderware

“Wonderware System Platform enables the University’s Energy Department to successfully manage operations at our 140 buildings by accurately processing technical data in real-time for assessment. We can now more effectively manage University assets and operations ensuring the comfort of our students, educators, staff and visitors each day.”

Damien Bertrand
Energy Department Manager
University of Strasbourg

The historic center of European culture and politics

STRASBOURG, France – Known as the historic center of European culture and politics, Strasbourg has been a city of many “first” over the centuries. It is where Johannes Gutenberg created the first European moveable type printing press making the city the early book-printing capital for the Roman Empire, and is the birthplace of the first modern newspaper in 1605.

As a city known for innovation and advancement, it comes as no surprise that Strasbourg is also home to second-largest university in France, the University of Strasbourg. The University’s founding dates back to the early 16th century and is today known as Europe’s foremost leading research facility, educating more than 43,000 students taught by over 2,600 staff of professors and researchers.

Wonderware software for the University of Strasbourg

To remain on the cutting-edge of education and research, the University’s Energy Department needed to find a more effective method of managing facility operations at its 140 buildings located around Strasbourg’s city-center, and spreading over 60 miles. The University’s facilities management team was determined to choose the most advanced software to effectively deliver common controls and seamless integration to connect all of its facilities. That choice was the Wonderware software solution from Schneider Electric.

More information

In my next series of posts, I will be featuring the Universite of Strasbourg. If you want to know more about the university, and, the products and solutions used in this success story, please click on the following:

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