Monday, June 23, 2014

Utilities Management at PT Indo Matra Power with a little help from Wonderware

“We have configured the Wonderware solution so that it tracks all events and this enables PT Indo Matra Power to address issues before they become full alarms. This makes the plant more reliable and safe”

Bunyamin, Director
PT Dian Purna Integra

Fuel consumption has decreased, engine output has increased and the maintenance and purchasing departments are happier too. The Wonderware solution provides reports that are helping PT Indo Matra Power to plan their procurement strategically, so they have the right spare parts on hand prior to needing them.

The other cost savings are coming from improved communications. With the availability of so much rich data, there are fewer phone calls between the PT Indo Matra Power offices and the plant facility. And also, with the fewer hard-copy reports generated, the environment benefits.

Shining Forward

PT Indo Matra Power plans to help Indonesia continue to prosper by providing reliable electricity to its businesses and households. And with the ease of use, efficiency and cost savings gained from the new Invensys software solution, it has the power to succeed.

More Information

For more information on the products and solutions used in this success story, please check out the following:

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