Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A long term Water Project at the City of Dusseldorf

Planning the Project Flow

Because the implementation of water solution would span a six-year period, the city worked with Wolfgang H. Paul Elektrotechnik GmbH (WPE), a Wonderware Systems Integrator in Germany. WPE developed the initial configuration of the control system, the networking connections and the monitoring setup between the waterwork plants and the remote stations.

This enabled Stadtwerke Dusseldorf’s personnel to carry out the bulk of the design, supervision and administration of the project. They defined a clear process for the integration based on a joint operation concept. Prior to the installation of the new control system, each component was tested at field level and installed on the network.

Once the solution was set up, the three plants were brought on in turn, allowing engineers to adjust to the new equipment without interrupting operations.

More information

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