Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Information Collection at New Belgium Brewing

The information collected from the Wonderware solution is used for Statistical Process Control

"The data that Wonderware generates is used by our SPC team. We probably have more than 10 greenbelts and a bunch of a six sigma black belts. We take it very seriously so just by being able to see the data and use control charts, we are capable of almost doing predictive control and seeing if we are leaning in the right direction or the wrong direction. We have to ability now to try to correct if necessary."

Igor Valuyev, Chief Electrical and Automation Engineer, New Belgium Brewing Company

More Information

For more information on New Belgium Brewing and the Wonderware products used in the Fort Collins, Colorado brewery, please visit the following links:
  1. The Wonderware Food and Beverage page
  2. The Wonderware Supervisory and Control page
  3. Wonderware InTouch
  4. New Belgium Brewing Homepage
  5. New Belgium Brewing Sustainability

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