Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A water solution worthy of Italy's Calabria Region

One of the benefits of the Wonderware solution at So.Ri.Cal. is alert the operators if there are possible problems on any device in the water/wastewater system. The notifications are prompt and conveyed visually so engineers know what to do right away without having to physically visit the site where the device is located.
The timeliness of these interventions is important - now pumps can be turned off promptly when the tanks are full, saving electrical energy and extending the life of the equipment. 
The status of the machinery is automatically collected and stored through Wonderware Historian and incorporated into the regular reports that the plant personnel receive on a regular basis.


A Flexible, Open and Scalable Platform 


The So. Ri. Cal. team wanted a high performance solution that would be reliable and withstand the demands of remote operation in the Calabria mountains, its forests and countryside. They wanted an open solution software platform that could evolve in the future without limitations. They wanted a solution that is easy-to-use and easy-to-learn.


So. Ri. Cal. selects Wonderware

“Wonderware gives us complete freedom for the future. We can focus on optimization and choose the most reliable and high-performance hardware without worrying. We have almost infinite scalability.”

Sergia De Marco, General Director, So.Ri.Cal. De Marco 

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