Friday, May 2, 2014

Quality Monitoring and Reporting Challenges at F&N Dairies Thailand

Quality Monitoring and Documentation was also a big challenge at the Rojana Plant at the start

Quality Monitoring and Reporting used to be a big challenge at the Rojana Plant in the beginning

“Before Nexus II, it was difficult, time consuming and it was easy to make mistakes during the review of parameters. Before Nexus II, there was a high workload in doing the QA documentation in the processing line. There were about 40 reports per day, for example: raw material receiving, processing control sheets, filling and packaging, cleaning operation control sheets.”

Watcharapong Boonnam
Quality Assurance Manager
F&N Dairies Thailand

With Process Nexus II it is now easier to manage reports and as you'll see in my next post, the results are quite impressive.


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