Friday, February 21, 2014

Workflow at the Heart of Fujirebio

Wonderware Workflow is at the heart of Fujirebio’s EMS.  What Wonderware Workflow does is digitize and automate Fujirebio’s manual processes that include people, equipment and systems, based on a sophisticated Business Process Management (BPM) foundation standard.  This enables staff to generate electronic records and file them automatically.  

A Workflow Integrated System Platform

Wonderware Workflow is integrated into Wonderware System Platform. The combined functionality of Wonderware Workflow with Wonderware System Platform enables Fujirebio to model, execute, analyze and improve work processes, enhancing collaboration, productivity, and innovation.


Better Operating Performance at Fujirebio

Each day, companies such as Fujirebio execute complex work flows involving both people and systems.  Consistent execution of critical work leads directly to better operating performance. With Wonderware Workflow, Fujirebio is able to route critical reports for review and approval, ensuring that vital work flows are executed correctly every time.  This drives accountability and better stewardship within the organization.

“With Wonderware Workflow, our staff is able to generate electronic records and then file them automatically. Perhaps the key business metric of the EMS is the time saved as a result of going paperless, which is especially important in a regulated industry.  With Wonderware Workflow, Fujirebio is able to comply with 21 CFR Part 11 for electronic records and electronic signatures.”

Ken Kovacs, Quality Business Systems Manager 

Model entire work flows involving people and systems

Wonderware Workflow also enables Fujirebio staff to successfully model entire work flows involving people and systems, as well as the proper task sequencing and dependencies.  The application tracks each work step and records the outcome so Fujirebio staff has the detail it needs to properly evaluate work performance and fine tune work flows.  Overall, Wonderware Workflow improves operational consistencies at Fujirebio, and in turn enhances productivity and reduces operational costs. 


More information

If you want more information on the Wonderware Workflow and System Platform, please visit the following pages:

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