Thursday, December 19, 2013

Smart City Express: 47 Airports and 2 Heliports

AENA is in charge of the civil air navigation in Spain that involves the management of 47 airports and 2 heliports. In passenger count, AENA is the world’s leading airport operator. In fact, just the last month of November, AENA has served over 12,000,000 passengers.


That kind of volume requires a certain amount of reliability. For the control of its facility management system, AENA has standardized on Wonderware.

We will be featuring the Barcelona El Prat Airport in a success story video. While waiting, you can visit the following websites:
  1. The Barcelona El Prat Airport Written Success Story
  2. The Wonderware Smart City software solution page
  3. Lane's Smart City Blog
  4. Wonderware Spain's Website

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