Friday, October 4, 2013

The benefits of SmartGlance to Coca Cola

The benefits of SmartGlance and InTouch to Coca Cola Swaziland

The following benefits were achevied at Coca Cola Swaziland after the Wonderware solution was installed:

  1. The Wonderware solution provides more visibility into energy usage and cost per plant and subsection
  2. It has enabled Coca Cola Swaziland to implement a system that facilitates smarter energy usage
  3. It allowed Coca Cola Swaziland to have a tighter grip on epartmental budgets and targets
  4. It gave Cocal Cola Swaziland the ability to control high energy operations to take place during low-cost periods

 More information

For more information on the products used in this success story, you can visit the following links:

  1. Corporate Energy Management from Wonderware
  2. Wonderware SmartGlance
  3. PDF version of the Coca Cola Swaziland success story

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