Monday, August 12, 2013

China Rail: Integrating 60 third party products

The complex rail network involves the collaboration of more than 60 different third-party vendors for each station’s facilities management system.
The Wonderware System Platform solution implemented by Easyway for the China Ministry of Railways revolves around  what they call the Passenger Information System. It basically is a large scale, multi-site Facilities Management System that takes care of all the high speed line's train stations accross China. This involves a number of highly important  functions:
  1. Communications equipment monitoring, including the public address system
  2. Passenger and train information screens, displays and signage
  3. Automated ticket sales booths
  4. Closed circuit television monitors
  5. Safety systems.

More than 60 different third-party vendors

The Passenger Information System manages software and hardware from different third party vendors and this proved to be one of the main challenges. The complex rail network involved the collaboration of more than 60 different third-party vendors for each station’s facilities management system. To manage the station technology infrastructure, the China Ministry of Railways engaged the services of Easyway Company Limited, an Invensys Ecosystem Partner that specializes in railway solutions.
Easyway chose the Wonderware System Platform as the main software to connect all these different products and vendors together to form the Passenger Information System. 

A primary goal was to ensure that the facilities management system (FMS) would make these stations hospitable and safe for travelers. Called the Passenger Information System, the FMS provides an integrated and centrally managed platform to support communications equipment, including the public address system, video displays and automated ticket sales, plus closed circuit television monitors and other components used by supervisors to manage operations and safety systems.

System Platform Provides Extensibility

System Platform provided a single, extensible platform for all SCADA, supervisory HMI and MES required by railway operators to manage overall facility operations. System Platform also provides a simple upgrade path to easily add new software and hardware to the system.

“We had three or four choices before selecting Invensys. We eventually selected Wonderware System Platform due to two main reasons: first, we believed it had the capability to rapidly meet the requirements of our client, and we thought it could meet the time requirement after evaluation; second, we thought the stability of this system was unique. Experience proves that our choice was correct. From the initial operation in 2008 until today, no problem due to the System Platform has caused any system failure.”
Shao Xiaofeng
Vice president, Easyway

More information

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